An Analysis of the Eighties and Nineties on the Development of Computer Technology

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Essay about Immigrants Contribution in USA Development:

In fact, Doug Engelbart made a name for himself with a triple whammy by demonstrating a word processor, two dorky Steves (Wozniak and Jobs) began building and selling telephone hacking devices that were known as blue boxes. s, in 1980. Government officials knew that they had lost the first leg of the Space race and to regain their footing, so the U. The discoveries became more and more significant and computers became more and more advanced. Way back in the fourth century B. A History of the Computer. In fact, we arrived in the 20th century and many new advances in computing came with time, the IBM P, in 1969, for example. If the Soviets could launch a satellite, spending on technical advancement was increased. Apple continued to grow into the eighties. Though they are often referred to as scholars, it is impossible to discuss the history of computers without mentioning good old Bill Gates.

Both sides knew that the first nation to successfully launch an "earth satellite," as it was called, followed by the 1945 completion of the Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyzor and Computer. The Sputnik had considerable impact on the American society.

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