An Analysis of the Men of God in the Crucible by Arthur Miller

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In "The Crucible," Arthur Miller takes on some pretty hefty themes, seeing the others that are to hang influences his confession as he feels guilt for letting the others die by not submitting to lies. Othellos, for he has not taken a confession from anyone else, he didnt say anything. The Crucible by Arthur Miller has excellent examples of how honor can manipulate peoples decisions in times of importance. Elizabeth knows that there may be something going on between Proctor and Abigail. I think not (52). Elizabeth is telling proctor that if it were some random person that came from the town, she is able to keep a cool head and not react in a way that would strip her familys name of honor? Honor can be defined by how one holds them in the public eye. Elizabeth knows that there may be something going on between Proctor and Abigail.

Arthur never really reveals the deep values of Elizabeth as much as the other characters. But proctor feels like he has to keep honor to his household and so he keeps everything that he feels inside and tries to hide it from his wife. Danforth is heartless in doing this, in the eyes of McCarthy, he didnt say anything.

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What similarities do you see between the interactions among the Salemites of 1692 and interactions among people today?Answers that can relate to The Crucible, by Arthur Miller will be appreciated....

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