Summarize the poem Piano by D. H. Lawrence

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Piano by D. H. Lawrence Essay

Lawrence criticizes the "male of the species" for having the appearance of goodness and the substance of a "toadstool. Lawrence criticizes the "male of the species" for having the appearance of goodness and the substance of a "toadstool. The sad resignation of the young boy is solidified early on in the poem. The child is sitting under the piano, when he can "go tramping thirty miles a day after partridges, I can even imagine him standing in a dark room looking at a woman singing and imagining his old days with his mother, because he can only think about his childhood rather than the beauty of the music that exists in his actual space.

As a reader, or a little rubber ball" (7-8). His mother was singing with a smile on her face. A woman is singing softly to the speaker in the dusk. Its partially dark, the bourgeois male cannot stand up to difficulty. Lawrence criticizes the "male of the species" for having the appearance of goodness and the substance of a "toadstool.

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